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Feb. 10th, 2008



terms & conditions

posters for SALE/TRADE items, pls abid by the terms & conditions stated below:

1) this lj community only serves as a virtual marketplace for Singapore based sellers to sell/trade their collection. therefore, we hold NO RESPONSIBILITY in ensuring the success of the deals between members;
2) posters pls draw up ur OWN terms & conditions in ur post;
3) sale/trade is within Singapore only (unless otherwise stated in ur own terms & conditions n at ur own risk) 
4) NO selling of preorder items, u may though post a " for preorder" post to get others to do preodering with u;
5) a guide of a basic sale/trade post:

<insert image(s) of ur item (if u have it)>
<insert Item description (eg. brand new single from DongBang...imported from Japan...etc etc)>
<insert selling price (eg. Selling at SGD20)> 
<insert ur own terms & conditions (eg. meetup possible? 1st come 1st serve? reservations? payment methods? postage? contact details?)>
6) if u r selling DongBang AND manga items, pls do 2 separate posts;
7) pls TAG accordingly:
"for sale" selling ur items
"for trade" trading ur items
"for preorder" getting members to preorder items together
8) lastly, after each deal pls get buyers to leave u a testimonial via comments;
9) any sale/trade/preorder posts tat doesn't meet the t&c will be reviewed n might be removed from the community by the mod.


welcome (important read-me)

hi all!

this lj community is set up in view of the booming popularity rise in Singapore for both DongBang n the manga industry. we hope to gather more fans who shared a common interest in both DongBang n Mangas to bond n foster relationships through this community.

we also provide a platform for Singapore based DongBang fans n/or Manga fans to sell/trade their collection.

as usual, in a community there will bound to have rules n regulations to make it an enjoyable place. so here they r:

1) POSTING in the community is limited to DongBang n/or manga related info, events, photos, pictures, downloads (anything except FANART);
2) no SPAMMING (eg. posting 2 exact same posts or 2 times of a similar info) ;
3) no PERSONAL entries (eg. "i went to the zoo today..how i wish DongBang were there with me..." -> pls post this to ur OWN lj)
4) for posting of SALE/TRADE items, pls refer to the terms & conditions post;
5) pls TAG accordingly:
"DongBang" posts related to DongBang
"manga" posts related to Mangas
"info" posts containing information
"download" posts containing download links/information
"pictures" posts containing photos/pictures
"video" posts containing embedded videos n/or video download links
"audio" posts containing embedded audio n/or audio download links
"lyrics" posts containing lyrics
"scanlation" posts containing scanlation info
"translation" posts containing translations (eg. translation of a DongBang Japanese interview or a manga raw scan)
"for sale" posts on selling ur items
"for trade" posts on trading ur items
"for preorder" posts on preordering activities
"preorder" posts containing preorder information
"release date" posts containing release dates information
"event" posts containing information for an event (eg. Joongie birthday project, Chuang Yi Manga Fair)
"request" posts regarding requests (pls be sure to check previous posts before posting for a request)
6) no REQUEST for things on ur wishlist (eg. i want to buy TRICK Joongie single for SGD15), but u can  request for download links, info, pictures, help etc;
7) u may post to gather fans to PREORDER certain things together (eg. preordering singles from HMVJapan);
8) last but not least, be nice to one another (meaning NO VULGARITIES n/or ARGUMENTS within the community -> we believe tat all of u r nice pple)

thanks for reading! enjoy the community! ^^